Technical Services for all Demands and Sectors Cover

Technical Services for all Demands and Sectors

Technical, scientific and organizational skills to answer your challenges of improvement and development.


The quality of the wide range of laboratory services offered by AQM, is guaranteed by its various accreditations and approvals (in particular by its ACCREDIA and Nadcap accreditation), which certifies:

  • expertise and impartiality of staff;
  • independence in the performance of the company’s activities and suitability of its instruments and equipment;
  • compliance with UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard and ACCREDIA requisites for testing and calibration laboratories, Nadcap requisities for materialò testing;

further guarantee is also provided by over 33 years of experience.

AQM performs an extremely wide range of laboratory tests using its own facilities, or by cooperation with other highly qualified research and test centres, covering all the countless requests received on a daily basis.

AQM’s service does not only include the performance of tests: customers are advised from the very initial contact through to the solution of the problem. Over the years, all the main inspection, testing, supervision and certification bodies (IIS, BUREAU VERITAS, DNV, TÜV, RINA, LLOYD’S REGISTER, etc.) have recognised AQM’s expertise, confidentiality and impartiality.

Modelli Organizzativi e Gestionali Formazione AQM


Technical training and certification of human resources and processes is offered thanks to technical schools and advanced training courses that are unique in Italy. In particular:

  • Metallography School
  • Haed Treatement School
  • Non Distructive Tests School
  • Welding School (Metals Material  and Prophylene Material)
  • Business Organization School
  • Quality – Safety – Environment


The skills of the Expertise Centres, aided when necessary by associated Universities and Research Centres, are made available for the analysis and identification of solutions to organisational, technological and industrial problems of companies which often do not have the facilities, the human resources or the time to take a systematic, analytical approach to problems and find the right solutions. AQM assists and supports companies with external technical and scientific consulting services, considering the real needs of its customer as emerging from on-the-ground experience. Projects are designed to enable the development of the skills and organisation for:

  • the generation of proposals on the basis of proven, validated models;
  • adaptation of projects to real needs;
  • offering of programmes focused on real transferability and applicability;
  • offering of consulting services intended to achieve concrete objectives;
  • guaranteeing value-added;
  • outsourced management of the customer’s processes.

As a QuESTIO Quality Evaluation in Science and Technology for Innovation Opportunity) accredited research centre by the Lombardy Region, AQM participates in innovation and research projects financed by the regional authorities, the Italian government and the European Union.


Since 1995 AQM has been standards and CEI info point and is able to guarantee very competitive costs for the sourcing, supply and uppdating of standards and technical publications from all over the world. In particular, we provide:

  • a standard update status monitoring service, which checks documents’s issue dates and guarantees constant and immediate notification of any changes and updates during the year of subscription to the service.

The following types of standards can be monitored: UNI, UNI EN, UNI EN ISO, UNI CEI EN ISO, CEI, IEC, ISO, BSI, AFNOR, DIN, ASTM, ASME, API, UL, CSA, IEC, NEMA, IEEE, TIA, AMS, FEM, UL, VDA, VDI …and many more.

Sourcing of National and International Standards:

  • CEI standards, in paper format or in pdf format and CEI products;
  • UNI standards in paper format;
  • European and international standards (ASTM, DIN, ASME, AWS, SAE, ISO, DIN, BSI, AFNOR, MIL, etc.), with direct invoicing in Euros and payment in Italy;
  • Targeted advice and opinions on the rules established for problem solving; Finding and selling technical texts edited by ASM, TLS, ASTM, NACE, ISI, SAE, ASMEA and other foreign publishers.

Publishing and Multimedia

AQM offers a highly equipped technical library, with more than 13.000 entries including books, articles, convention documents, magazines and catalogues. The library is open to the public for consultation; it is also possible to agree on special bibliographical researches according to Customer’s specific needs. Consultation is possible from Monday to Friday, 9.00am-2.00pm. Aqm is also the publisher of the series (only available in italian language):

  • “Criteria for the Selection and Treatment of Structural Steels and Tools Steels“​​
  • “Micrographic Atlas of Special Structural Steels and Tool Steels”
  • “Micrographic Atlas of the non-ferrous metals and alloys”
  • “Saldatura: Questa sconosciuta” Guideline for businessman to the commitments and duties of the third millennium. Second Edition.

For further information please look at the italian version of Aqm’s web site Another editorial product, of vital support for companies, released by AQM, is “Total Materia” – the world’s most comprehensive materials database providing lighting fast access to properties for over 450.000 metals, polymers, ceramics and composites. Try it free for a month