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Training Cover AQM


AQM Consulting – Expertise Centres

  • Production Processes and Design
  • Materials and Quality Control of Products
  • Quality Safety Environment
  • Company Organisation

Training Offer

The strategic objective of the AQM Training Area is to provide the best possible response to companies’ training needs by giving users access to up-to-date, specific, effective high-level technological and scientific expertise.

AQM Training Area offers not just training courses but also “Training Paths”, in which a large number of specific processes, training items can be combined to lead, if so wished, to staff’s certification or qualification under specific national or international standards, directives and guidelines.

To achieve this AQM has organised real SCHOOLS, where training activities are led by experienced and highly qualified teaching staff who come from AQM itself and from university but also, most importantly, from industry: this ensures a genuinely “hands-on”, operational approach, by which the skills taught can be quickly put into use in the real world.

Modelli Organizzativi e Gestionali Formazione AQM
Organizational and Management Models


Sede AQM Provaglio d'Iseo

Headquarters AQM –  Provaglio d’Iseo


Training programmes are constantly updated on the basis of experience, ensuring that the service is tailored to customers’ needs. Basically, training operations can take two different forms:

  • Design and Management of Courses, Seminars and Conferences involving several companies, available from the Catalogue
  • Design and Management of Customised single-company Courses at the customer’s premises.

Where available, use is made of financial assistance offered by:

    • interprofessional funds (Fondimpresa, FAPI, etc.)
    • Regional Authority
    • Chamber of Commerce, etc.

Technical Training and Certification of Human Resources and Processes is offered thanks to Technical Schools and advanced training courses that are unique in Italy.

In particular:

  • Metallography School
  • Haed Treatement School
  • Non Distructive Tests School
  • Welding School (Metal Material and Propylene Material)
  • Business Organization School
  • Quality – Safety – Environment

Training – Schools with Skill Certification

  • High Pressure Die Casting School
  • Metal Welding School
  • School for Welders of Polyethylene Pipes and Fittings
  • School for Welding Specialists and Inspectors
  • Non Destructive Test School
  • Metallography School
  • Heat Treatment School
  • Laboratory Staff School
  • Health and Safety Management School
  • Lombardy Region Framework of Professional Standards
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