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High Pressure Die Casting School


High Pressure Die Casting School. Dealing with the lack of a new generation of technicians and experts in diecasting foundries (both technical roles  and management positions) and with the necessity to fill the gap in the educational system, CSMT Gestione scarl and AQM srl are establishing the first High Pressure Die Casting (HDPC) School in Italy.

The two northern italian companies will take advantage of CSMT’s Diecasting Competence Center and AQM’s experience in technical training with certification of technical skills. They will launch on the market a new postgraduate school in Italy, acknowledged by international entities.

High Pressure Die Casting School Logo

A Reference Point of the Territory

Many contributors will work at the Italian HPDC School: AQM will provide teaching expertises on metallurgy, quality check, diagnostic. CSMT, with its foundry lab, will provide the infrastructure and the technical coordination and will be a reference point of the territory. Many industrial experts will teach in the school.

Diecasting manufacturing and processing companies, along with casting end-user companies will find a new reference point for training, innovation and communication network in diecasting.

They will refer to the High Pressure Die Casting School when they will need to train their staff members, to develop new competences, to be constantly up-to-date on technology development and regulatory interventions.

Didactic Proposal

The HPDC School educational path will be comparable to a Master in Diecasting Technologies. Attendees passing the final exam will get a proficiency Certificate issued by a qualified certifying body. The certificate will be internationally acknowkledged.

The course will go on for at least 389 hours, divided into frontal lectures, workshops and object lessons in CSMT foundry lab. Teachers will be professionals and experts of diecasting and metallurgy, experts from AQM and professor of University of Brescia. Many lessons will be taught by experts from private companies operating in diecasting manufacturing and processing companies.

The course will last for 8-10 months and will include joint sessions, technical seminars, specific workshops enhancing important topics and cases. Attendance will be required for a few days per week, in order to give attendees the chance to work or study.

Sponsorship and support of local institutions and trade associations (both Italian and international) will be instrumental. The support of NADCA (North American Die Casting Association) is therefore essential.


  • Applications and new frontiers in diecasting technologies
  • Diecasting process: technology, plants, logistics
  • Castings peculiarities
  • Innovative diecasting technologies
  • Management and set-up of a diecasting factory
  • Plant lay-out
  • Alloys: metallurgic features of different diecasting technologies
  • Metal casting process
  • Molds and equipment needed in diecasting foundries
  • Diecasting area in a plant
  • Treatments and post production process subsequent to diecast
  • Castings quality, diagnostic methods and check
  • Quality management systems
  • Product and process statistical control
  • Diagnostic and anomaly correction in product or process
  • Safety in diecasting plants
  • Technologies and methodologies preserving environment and saving resources
  • Organization and management of a foundry.

Qualification and Output Skills

HDPC School will train three different skills.

Attendees will be tested and will be required to attend at least 90% of classes.

HPDC TECHNOLOGIST: he/she will became a technical expert in process development, with proven knowledge of metallurgy and ability to manage production cycles. The HPDC technologist will be able to apply existing procedures or define new, considering the specificity of products, requirements, available resources and quality standards.

The HPDC Technologist will identify the proper technology available for manufacturing, will set up phases and cycles of manufacturing and he will make sure that the product will fit the performance and requirements.

HPDC PROJECT MANAGER: Technologist expert in industrialization of product. He/she will be skilled in metallurgy and have the ability to plan and validate processes, according to customers’ requirements. He will have a deep knowledge of methodologies, tools and diecasting techniques. He/she will assure the respect of costs, deadlines and requested quality. Moreover he will check the customer satisfaction. He/she could work in technical dept. of a diecasting company or he could be part of purchase office of an end-user company, being able to monitor the supply process.

HPDC PRODUCTION MANAGER: he/she will have a managing role in diecasting, being in charge of the entire production process. He/she will have a full professional proficiency and will face different issues and topics of the manufacturing process. He/she will develop strategies and set priorities, managing all the available resources.


Workers and employee of diecasting companies, manufacturing companies, end-users of diecasting products, who will be part of the decision procedures, part of technical department or part of operations.They will have a diploma or degree and will have the need to specialize in diecasting.


HPDC TECHNOLOGIST: Comprehensive school diploma or at least 2 years experience in diecasting.

HPDC PROJECT MANAGER: Technical High School diploma or at least 3 years experience in diecasting.

HPDC PRODUCTION MANAGER: Technical High School diploma or at least 5 years experience in diecasting.

Entrance examination will be required. If attendee will not pass the entrance examination test, he could attend classes and get a certificate of attendance.

Course Duration: 389 hours.